Pabst's Blue Ribbon Trades

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  1. I'll try to post my trades in as close to real time as possible. Follow at your own RISK.

    I'm willing to trade virtually every futures market so there'll be some real strange stuff here every now and then. :)

    My trading style varies from trend following to the occassionaly insane counter trend trade (i.e. selling ES last October @1344):)

    I have open positions in just 2 markets coming into today and I haven't traded this session yet.

    Open: L 5 May Cotton 53.37 Mch/21
    L 5 July Cotton 54.45 Mch/26

    S 10 USM (ZB) 112.08 Mch/26
    S 10 USM (ZB) 111.24 Mch/28
  2. Sold 5 May CL 6602 (just for a scalp, one of those insane top picking plays :D)

    Trying to cover 6555 or 6626stp.
  3. Covered @65.92

    Stupid trade even though the 5 hundo comes in handy.
  4. Insane? LOL. You said it, I didn't! But, keep an eye on gasoline. You need a dip in gasoline to get crude down.

  5. I see you're in and out too quick to respond with a post. LOL!

  6. I've been tempted to sell unleaded for the past dime, lol.

    I've never traded it before.

    I think a 1 lot is too much in that volatile pos.:p
  7. 42000 gallons...makes you or breaks you quick. LOL. I've never traded it either.

  8. jem



    I hope you do keep this journal. But know the only trader I will follow is se.

    I was wondering if my post inquiring about resistance on the weekly QM chart triggered your idea about shorting?

    Figuring that if JEM is long and making money in this market and he does not know where the resistance is...

    I will say that any time I have a very good day in a futures market it is soon to get very choppy --- until I lose interest.
  9. Jeez Jem, you're in here trash talking already, lol.

    Yes SE was fantastic.

    You're long crude? If so, then great trade! I bought the dip into the low 50's three times before I made it work. Unfortunately I was overtrading (10 lots) and as soon as I made the 10k I was down and an additional 10k in profits I got out. That was 13 freakin' dollars ago!:mad:

    Those are the trades that winners stay with!!

  10. jem


    No I was just day trading it today. But, I had an excellent day. Only one losing trade and some nice winners.

    I did make a few dollars shorting it a while back. On my final short I did cover pretty close to the low as I am sure everyone expected support there. But I too got chopped around in the fifties trying to get long. I just limped away after giving back my gains and a little more.

    so I lost interest until the move yesterday and this Iranian hostage thing.
    that is why I was saying anytime I have some really good days - we are about to get chop.
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