Pabst( prime) should write a book

Discussion in 'Politics' started by acronym, Nov 10, 2008.

Should Pabst(prime) write a book?

  1. Yes, why the heck not

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  2. Sure, it could be a hit-free enterprise, say whot

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  3. He's a partisan right wing racist, but why not write a book, clarification of viewpoint is always go

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  4. No, but i cant think of any reason why not, except i feel disempowered by poverty and lack of writin

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  1. Why? Because he simply should, not for any other reason.

    Plus, instead of trawling through heaps of old threads, you could simply quote a paragraph here and there, much easier.

    Who knows, if done with the correct degree of careful words and humility, he could have a bestseller on his hands.
  2. I wouldn't go as far a calling him a racist. He's outraged at Black behavior in Chicago...which is judging by the murder rates...quite justified.
    The rest is true, hyper partisan rightwinger
  3. I'm working on it. Agilitytrading will be as political as it is markets-hell Treasury trading IS political, eh?

    Thanks by the way acronym. You've been complimentary several times despite a few idealogical differences. It's appreciated!

  4. Just curious. What have you learned from Pabst that you employed in your trading and that consistently made you money? Please share, since it would have originated from his posts anyway. On the political front, perhaps he can write about how he ran a successful campaign for public office on nothing more than a dream, a burning desire, and a deep, unyielding love of fellow white men.

    "Careful words and humility?" Yes, perhaps you would have a best seller. You would also have a different author.

    Before Pabst decides to write a book he should commit to reading one first.
  5. karol88


    collect his best quotes from ET and you'll have a book :)
    I really liked most of the posts I read so far...
  6. I'll be glad to write a chapter for your book bro...

  7. Ok, write a book Pabst. Tell how you being a white minority in Chicago has helped or hurt trading for you. :)

  8. Thunderdog, not sure HOW you missed it, I'm not a trader, i have trouble ordering a pizza, let alone using phones at all.
    Phobia type thing.

    In case you missed it, (for some years, evidently) I'm a disability pensioner, who just happens to have been following the markets and economics since about 8 years old, (nearly as long as pabst has been a trader) and I'm yet to see anyone on this site who can beat me in macro/commodity terms, certainly not in any pure charting speculation.

    Cut a long story short, you would have made vastly more money following me than Pabst since i registered, (granted, due to leverage) I truly don't know what his trading work is about.

    The reason for the thread, is that PabstDime, has a knack of communicating, in clear, concise , and meaningful language, that given the sparse stocks of (non-sanctioned by BB) writers now, that it simply couldn't be a bad idea.
    He has opinions, ideas, born from some experience-sure, i would boycott it the moment "Jesuit" upbringing was even mentioned, i hate and despise the concept of religious indoctrination.

    He could write anything, it wouldn't matter now, say, an expose of sexual assault in japan, say

    "The Audacity of Grope"

    I don't care, as long as it is concise, to the point, and , somehow, says something, with some facts to back it up.

    Sure Thunderdog, I know what you mean, "Carefull words and humility" dont stack up with Mr Pabst, but then, Mann Coulter has sold millions with less.
    Why not?
  9. I like to see, writers, worthy of their salt, do something with their ability, regardless.

    Writers make history, it seems-in your case i hope not, but there have been plenty of poor and fantastic precedents, Mark Twain in your eyes was what, a socialist, a leftist, even before communism was even an idea.

    Why, wasn't he more radical? Simple, he wasn't allowed to be, he got away with being a "humorist", you leave killing to the big boys.

    I absolutely advocate, your clarifications and opinions in written format, for generations to come.

    Twain-well your not mark twain, but he would certainly have been astonished at your ability to own-publish your works, should you chose to.