Pabst is at it again - time for a new ban

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by 4XQs, Nov 11, 2009.

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  1. 4XQs


    Pabst chose the Announcements forum for his latest hate-rant, labelling the President a n.. well you-know what etc

    I think it's time for a new ban. Yes he adds to the forum when he's on topic, but this is just disgraceful and not the first time. And the Announcements is chosen because it's poorly moderated.

  2. Way to go! Let us just silence all dissent that doesn't fit "Big Brother is here to save and protect us all." Some of us ain't buyin' it.
  3. 4XQs


    His post is against the Code of Conduct of this site. If you don't like the Code of Conduct, there are plenty of other "free speech" sites on the net where racists like to hang out and other right-wing nuts agrees that Geithner should be killed. Just go somewhere else.

    Now, the interesting thing will be how long it takes... ET is so lax it's a joke.

  4. So now you call me a racist without having any proof other than defending the man's freedom of speech. If he has violated any rules, they'll deal with it. Now go take a long walk off of a short pier.....................fuckin' douchebag.
  5. To pinheads like you, calling the President Of The United States a nigger is dissent, right?

    Seriously, one wonders how you were ever even born, considering the inferior quality of your genes. It's an argument against natural selection. But then, something tells me you're one of these guys who believes in the whole 'goat with 42 eyes', 'lake of fire and brimstone' fairly tale, so you probably don't understand the scientific anomaly behind your remarkably unlikely existence.

    By the way, welcome to ET.

  6. Gimme a break, so here is another limp-wristed douchebag. I swear this site is overrun with you little twerps. If you are USA future, we are in trouble.

    And I will tell you the same as your buddy, don't make false accusations, son.
  7. I didn't see the post, but if Pabst truly made a post in the Announcement forum that stated obama is an "N"...then it should be removed and he should be banned. I don't like Obama any more than anyone else, but that kind of speech has no place here.
  8. 4XQs


    Moron, I was not calling you a racist - that was Pabst. But if you want to hang out with them, there are plenty of other places to go.... douchebag...

    Freedom of speech my ass - this has nothing to do with that, you confused little wanker. There is a code of conduct, if you don't like it get the hell out.
  9. 4XQs


    Thread has been deleted as it should, but he's of course not banned. Not since he's such a dear friend of the site owner... Not banning him is shameful in my honest opinion.
  10. With respect, if that kind of speech had no place here, Pabst would have been banned for life years ago. Sorry, but that's the fact. Little wankers like cleveland eat this kind of crap up and it causes lots of page views. Bottom line.
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