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Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by antincedo, Sep 20, 2008.

  1. what are the best resources for learning PA from top to bottom, internet reading, books. whaaa?

    much appreciated to all the Gay Traders
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    oh, so only GAY traders can respond to this?? fine be that way...

  3. sorry i meant 'Day' Traders.

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    no homo
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    saying 'no homo' doesn't work here bro

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    To the OP, go to the search engine and type in SusanaDT.

    You will find her Price Action Journal that she started.

    Read it and study it, as well as the posts made by different people.

    There is also a "Price Action 1.5" journal around here someplace ...

    While you're at it, study the technical writings of Pabst Prime (not the correct spelling). He's a good technical trader and you will better understand the role that probability and money management play in successful trading.

    See you in three years ...
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  7. thanx mandel, whats going on in 3 years?
  8. aaaahhh you caught me!

    well any info related to PA reading would be helpful
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