P4 vs PIII

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by shfly, Jan 6, 2001.

  1. shfly


    I'm buying a new computer for day/swing/mom-trading. Would a P4 based system give me any advantages over a PIII system. Have cable hookup. Thanks.

  2. The advantages you would get compared to the cost of a P4 compared to a Pentimum 3 are almost nil. The key things to consider is the amount of memory if you are running a lot of applications. The slowest process on a computer is when it has to borrow memory from the harddrive. So memory is key. The other thing is the speed of your internet connection. I would look into having an additional video card installed, or custom order from a computer manufacturer requesting a multiple monitor card. The only difference you will see if if you run a lot of scanning software and right now we are talking about a second or 2. Eventually the programs will catch up to the processor speed but ocncentrate, on memory, internet speed, and multiple monitors.

    Robert Tharp
  3. Just get the most RAM you can afford. It is expensive, I know.. but worth it. You never seem to have enough, especially when you have lots of things running at once.