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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by eltr, Jan 1, 2003.

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    I tried latest intel motherboard D845PEBT2 with 1 AGP and 2 PCI video cards, there is no problem to get all displays, but it can not handle heavy graphic work. The graphic program which runs smoothly in P3 computer becomes very slow and sometimes it takes 3-4 seconds to respond to mouse clicks. I don't know if this is a general problem with P4 motherboard. Anyone happends to know a p4 motherboard or chipset supporting multiple monitors and DDR well. Thanks
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    yes, nothing but headaches trying to run more than a matrox g400 agp on my p4 m/boards, both that I've tried.. too bad, as it is noticeably faster than a p3 for running applications... just seems that it can't do multimonitor as well.. using a router and several pcs here, allocated to different tasks..
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  4. As much as i'm against Intel and for the underdog AMD, your situation may not be Intel's fault (at least possible I should say). Many people have gotten multimonitors to work with these setups (i.e. same chipset and proc.) so it makes me think maybe the problem is in the MB BIOS setting or card setting ( bus mastering enabled). Some boards by default enable memory hole and this make problems with cards working properly.But I would start with BIOS and card bus mastering settings first and know the BIOS inside and out. Those settings will have the most impact with running your cards, and AMD + Nforce2 is always a solution.
  5. I know that many people have troubles with multi-monitor setup under Intel P4 chipset 845 & 850 . The only suggestion that I could give in the moment is to try the latest chipset (667 a.k.a. Granite Bay - BTW these board support hyperthreading, this could be usefefull for many RT graphics package), now available at Asus and Gigabyte. I supposed that this chipset should be available quickly at others motherboards brands. Alternative choice, could be SIS chipset for P4.

    BTW, Athlon board don't have this problem in the moment.

  6. That chipset underperforms the i850E in memory benchmarks (think of your cpu waiting for stuff to do until your memory transfers) which in turn doesn't help hyperthreading as that divides up the allocated memory to run at top efficiency (another words you need double MB of memory). Any great advantage that Hyperthreading is supposed to offer can quickly be negated (I won't even get into the branch mispredicts stats). All Intel chipsets are designed around the top hub (cpu, memory and agp slot) to give the basic user the utmost performance but trade stations are much more demanding of your total package and the AMD solution with Nforce2 can handle all 6 of my monitors with ease.In fact I run Folding@home with some work sims on Mathmatica the same time I trade with no hesitation (I was very meticulous in looking for any anomalies)and can't what for Hammer to come out in Feb.