P4 3.06 w/ Hyper Thread

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  1. I am just looking to gather feedback and insights from those utilizing the new P4 @ 3.06 w/Hyper Thread Technology.

    Do you find there to be a night and day difference between lets say a 2.0 or 2.40...............AND just how HOT does it run & how many consecutive hours is your system running or is it never turned off???????????? What kind of video cards & bursty applications are you running......

    BTW, anyone with XEON can also jump in here please. THanks.....
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  3. I went from a P4 700 to 3.06, so cannot compare to the 2.x versions of the chip. It is very fast. Have not had any problems with it, though it does heat the room quite nicely.

    I regularly stress the CPU with multiple high CPU usage apps (QuoteTracker running a few hundred tick by tick symbols with 30 streaming charts, 3 or 4 Level II and T&S windows, plus some other big apps at the same time for example).
  4. It does generate around 80 watts of heat. Soon, we'll have CPU's designed like radiators.
  5. j medved,

    P4 700? I don't remember P4 ever came out with sub-Giga Hertz model?

    I speculate you mean P4 1700.
  6. oops, P3 700
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    Does anyone know if the new processor coming out in Q2 with the faster FSB will be significantly faster than the P4 3.06 533FSB?
  8. You mean the 800MHZ FSB? According to prelim tests it's about 10-15% faster in some applications. Nice, but not a big deal.

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    It'll be good for traders that are stressing out their high-end CPU now. Memory access can be a major roadblock.
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