P3 or P4?

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  1. I think the correct equation is six of one, half dozen of the other. Both platforms have their plusses and minuses. And what we are truly discussing is milliseconds in response times. Now granted, everyone can cite where the differences are and which platform SHOULD perform the best. But it all comes to a dead stop when the user then has to become an active participant.

    Let's say that one is a full 1/2 second faster than the other. By the time trader fear is overcome, internet latency figures in and the trade is placed (for most), the whole thing is for naught.

    Please excuse this post, if in the underlying implication you are really discussing how quickly one can frag your opponent while dodging the nail gun blasts from the right and the floating heads on the left. :)
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    Yes, it is it, miliseconds in response times, which one is quicker P3 or P4, my greatest dilema. I don´t want AMD, because all software is building on Intel platform.
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    It doesnt take much computer to run trader software.. One of the things i'd take into consideration though is the number of pci slots the computer has. If your looking for hot deals on computer stuff try these sites:

    Once you get to these site u want to go to the hot deal forums. Theres people there posting some terrific deals.

    A few weeks before Dell announces earnings they start promos. They always show up on these two forums. Just last week I bought my nephew a Dell 2.4 gig computer for around 450 shipped!! U cant even build a 2.4 pentium yourself for that kind of money.

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  4. Hmm, deals being made all over the place:


    Just when you think you've found the best deal out, time passes. :)
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    Thanks for the links.
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  7. oh yeah, like that windows XP software, is that the one you mean???

    didn't intel name their chip Pentium XP to make that point???

    and that hyperthreading technology - there's tons of applications built around that
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  8. heh.

    i'm an AMD convert (for almost 2 years after being way fonder on Intel) - AMD's chips have been cheaper and consistently faster for some time now. there's been no question for me in the past 2 years between intel and AMD.

    intel has better marketing, but so does mcDonald's

    granted AMD can be a pain in the ass to cool, but not when you have a shuttle box

    plus intel motherboards (with 845) can be a pain with many graphics cards popular with traders

    i think overall you have more choice when you have an AMD chip
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  9. What really kills me about the debate of Intel and AMD is the marketing you talk about bungrider. Ace's hardware has an article about a plasma physics sim they use to benchmark the two chip companies but the don't compare apples to apples. Barton with the new 512 cache and Nforce dual memory doesn't go up against Intels 3 Gz chip with dual RDram. People (traders) don't educate themselves on the cost basis you talk about or the so-called performance issues between the two chips but if they did they would see the AMD platform is the answer.I hope AMD doesn't go the way Alpha did because of Intels marketing might.
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