P&L since beginnning trading

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  1. I am curious how people have done and what they began with:

    Started 1998 $25000 ( borrowed from credit card)
    1998 $22000
    1999 $450,000
    2002$160,000 (the drug year)-"so I can work harder so i can earn more so i can buy more coke"
    2004 $650000
    2006 $1030000
    2007 approx 1 mill

    This includes interest income on profit saved.
    I know most people wont believe thid but that's their problem there are plenty on these boards who have done better. Gertsman did a lot better but wont reveal it. Heck, there's a 19 yr olfd on this board getting a $180k sallry for advice from a hedge fund. Anf he's a ful-time student.

    Let's here the good stories:
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    how many margins do you use?what you have traded?
  3. just curious, how much was spent on coke versus losses from trading in 2002.
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    Are you saying you started with 25k and hit a high of 1.65 million and now at 1 mill, or does that show how much you made each year ?

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    started 2 months back with 15k and still with 15k
    is this good considering ones a newb
  6. Sorry to get back so late. My best year was $1.65 million. my worst was the drug yesr. Hard to say how much was wasted on that. Probably lost more checking the peephole on the door out of paranoia than actual losses. Glad that'sover
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    i say goddamn 2200% A year is impressive than i can image.
  8. -£120,000
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    Was wondering the same. Is it cumulative or yearly P/L?
  10. During the tech bubble years there were quite a few people who turned thousands into millions, but they did not have to do it through trading.

    Picture this, the year is 1994 and you have about 25000 (which was a good chunk in 1994). You decide to split it up 5 ways into what seems like a diversified portfolio. One of those stocks is JDSU. An investment of 5000 in 1994 would have placed you at 5,000,000 in 2000.

    However, how many people did you actually know in the 80s-90s who were good buy-hold investors? I had a few buddies back then who did not even know the stock market existed and didnt care. Some other buddies I had who were invested in the market simply sold as their stocks went up and then went out and spent it all. Most guys on elitetrader simply sell after a 5% rise and I can bet 100% of the guys on here would sell before a stock doubles. Then there were the guys who decided to hold through thick and thin and watched JSDU go from 1000 to where it sits today in the teens.

    Of course, there are guys on Elitetrader who insist that they bought at the rock bottom and then sold at the top. Just like there are guys out there that insist they had dinner with the President of the United States last night.

    Were there people who came out of the tech bubble millionaires where they turned 1000s into millions? Yes. Are they on elitetrader? Doubt it.
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