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  1. Yes you can keep open the account windows , but the calculations there are wrong. Not off my a lot but wrong none the less.
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    Fascinating: futures continues to work for me, stocks do not :confused:
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  3. David I

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    Here's what my P&L looked on UTH after a long entry/exit of 100 shs earlier in the day. Closing TWS. Restarting TWS. A short entry on UTH 100 shs followed by a cover and reverse long entry 200 shs (to be net long 100 shs).

    Check out my opening unrealized P&L on this last trade!

    (See attached snapshot)

    I'm not making this up! -12K right off the bat. I also see my average cost figure is out of whack as well. 179.84 vs. something closer to 60. Everything else seems to be ok and my account appears fine when it's reconciled at the end of the day but in the middle of the day it's a little crazy.

    I'm not posting this to try to bash IB. I like them a lot and I've had really very little in the way of problems. But this last release is crazy with the P&L stuff and I just had to chuckle when I saw TWS reporting I was instantly down $12k on my 100 shs of UTH.

    - David

    btw - Yes I did check my Account window (more than once and after restarting TWS as well) to make sure I'm not holding more or less shares in UTH than I expect to have. Everything looks ok there and with my margin limits.
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    Forgot this ....
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