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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by G Cap, Jan 28, 2008.

  1. G Cap

    G Cap

    Can anyone tell me what they use to maintain trading P&L data from all accounts in one place besides daily emails sent from firm/clearing house? Thanks.
  2. lescor


    Excel. Can't beat it
  3. G Cap

    G Cap

    That was my first choice. Simply interested if anyone else had other options.Thanks for the response.
  4. Both NinjaTrader and Button Trader have very advanced PnL management capabilities.

    I use NT with excel as a backup, as well as my online brokerage statements.
  5. G Cap

    G Cap

    Thanks for the response. I use CQG trader just for order entry as I use eSignal for charting and data. My account is at Advantage Futures and I get all my statements through them. Excel looks like my best option and your point of using Excel at a minimum as a backup is a great idea.
  6. yshterk


    Upgrade to CQG Integrated Client so you have Trading and Charts in a single product. Then your Balance (as well as historical P&L) is available in CQG for all of your trading accounts. And the data is read directly from your clearer's statements.
  7. G Cap

    G Cap

    Actually, I'm trying to coordinate all accounts in a cost effective manner. I just opened an Interactive Brokers account to trade equities and options, have my futures account at Advantage Futures, and get charting and data feeds through eSignal. I only pay the US Options exchange feed fee of $20 through IB, and as a result only get real time options price data. I don't know how their charting software stacks up against eSignal in terms of tools and reliability, but I've used eSignal for a few years. After paying for exchange feeds with eSignal, I don't want to be double billed through IB. As a result I will only place orders through IB's trade ticket feature unless I'm doing an option trade. Regarding CQG trader, it's only $25/mo plus .15 a side and I only use it for order entry. IB is not competitively priced to trade futures plus I can call Advantage 24hrs a day and place an order. IB only accepts closing orders via phone and charge a huge commission to do so. What I need to do is see if I can cut out eSignal and get same content and reliability and tools for same price or less with CQG or IB. Thanks for the advice.