P&L in TWS is unrealistic!!

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  1. Actually you might also stay with ib because:

    - range of markets
    - technology and 3rd party tools
    - data supplied
    - quality and speed of executions

    as well as low cost.

    Customer service, especially hand holding is never likely to be their big thing but I note that responses on their bulletin boards have just taken a big jump ... huge improvement.
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  2. joesan


    You can always plot your own, if you can do some basic coding.
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  3. The P&L and realized P&L are wrongly calculated.

    Trading SGXNK.
    Sell 2 at 16730.
    Buy 1 at 16750.

    Numbers shown in TWS main window once I completed the trade:
    P&L = -20000 [wrong]
    Realized P&L = -20 [wrong]
    Unrealized P&L = -10300 [correct]

    The correct numbers should be:
    P&L = -20300
    Realized P&L = -10300
    Unrealized P&L = -10300

    Realized P&L is ridiculously calculated as -20. I get no clue what bug causes such a huge miscalculation. They should be fixed as soon as possible.
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