P&L in TWS is unrealistic!!

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  1. I don't understand why P&L column in IB TWS does not include commission and trading costs like other columns do (eg unrealistic P&L).

    It means little if the P&L is unrealistic. It doesn't help with money management. True P&L is what we want to see, isn't it?

    That's a ticket which suggest this:
    Title: add commission to P&L
    Submitted by: sorai388

    P&L should include commission (just like average price) since it's the real cost.
  2. Acknowledging its not on the main TWS display you can get it by checking your realised p&l in View/Account
  3. sporky


    that's my ticket. Glad to see someone else asking for it.

    it needs to be on the main page too. what's the point otherwise.
  4. Benign


    That is very stupid in my opinion. I think the calculation of the P/L has to be consistent across the whole platform.

    A thumb-down for IB.
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    Uh? Am I missing something? TWS has 3 columns for P&L: P&L, realized P&L, and unrealized P&L.
    I hope I'm not getting the point here
  6. Benign


    The problem is the three P/L columns use very different basis to calculate P/L? For example some types of P/L don't include commissions and trading costs. Some do. It makes the three P&L not comparable.

    It further confuses you when you see the P/L of the same type in the Accounts Manager does not match P/L of the same type on the main platform.

    Suggestion is simple. All types of P/L should take all costs into account. Very simple.
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    OK. Moaning in two separate threads. You are just venting
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    I agree with the OP. Excluding commissions makes no sense at all, especially if you're trading a decent number of contracts/shares per day.
  9. I hope IB tws will support charting the monthly weekly daily equity curve
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    the only reason stay with IB Is the low commissions other than that is shit broker and most leave instantly if another broker offer the same discount on commissions.

    i don't know any other retail broker charging a monthly data fee for level 1 or quote for stocks.

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