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  1. Any experience with the p-indicator for short term trading? Do you know where I can find more information about it besides the paper in the author's website? I tried contacting them but they never replied to my emails.
  2. Here's the website:

    Trading Patterns

    I personally think it's a send-up (write an article about some great indicator, and then sell it from your website). But maybe it works for you.
    There's a lot of people willing to sell you something in this industry, be careful.
  3. The p-Indicator was first described in a book published by Traders Press and authored by Michael Harris back in 2000. I tried to replicate it but it was difficult to do that. Harris did not also include the indicator in his APS software. Although it was announced as an option in the latest version of APS v8.0, it was soon withdrawn. After checking the website it appears that he is selling a limited number of licenses for commercial use at 25K.

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    An indicator that works? Don't make me laugh :p
    And suddenly all our financial problems vaporizes :D
  5. Maybe if it was $25 :p
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    I have an older version of the pattern program APS, which does not have the p_indicator function. I recently had the company I work for purchase the new version. The price is 4.5K for the full pattern+indicator program (3 year lease). I am still in the process of testing it on paper but the results look very promising. This indicator is nothing like what is out there. The program calculates the indicator values but also a number that is supposed to tell how significant they are. You can find more details in this paper.

    Just keep in mind that this indicator applies best to short term, position or swing trading. Not very suitable for intraday although you can possibly use it with 30 or 60 minute bars but the calculations are slow and you also have all those issues to take care with data maintanance, etc.
  7. I cannot afford it at the moment but I would really like to have that indicator. Price is reasonable for a trading house but not for individuals.
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    My personal P Indicator
  9. This must be a good indicator it appears after reading the white paper http://www.tradingpatterns.com/The_p-Indicator.pdf This guy seems to know what he is talking about. If anyone has this software and would like to share the output pls let me know and we can arrange something,