P-51D Mustang model - 3 years to make

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  1. 'THE WIDER VIEW: Three years in the making, it's every boy's dream... the ultimate
    home-made model aeroplane (and it actually works)' Jason Lewis Dec 20/09

    "It's every schoolboy's dream - from the tiny rows of ammunition to the miniature cockpit
    canopy gracing this stunning model aircraft. It is an exact replica of a P-51D Mustang which
    was America's primary long-range fighter plane during the Second World War. And it was
    made by a retired dentist who used some of his instruments to create it.
    Built on a 1/16 scale, every part is fully functional, linked by an intricate series of minuscule
    chains, cables and hinges." 6 photos
  2. link didn't work for me.
  3. ET is messing up 'dail*****' for some reason

    i've split the address below via Return and added a space between the letters of 'dail*****'
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    d a i l y m a i l
  4. Lucrum


    Interesting, I've always admired people with that sort of patience and skill.