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  1. ozzy


    here we go....


    trying to keep a diary in the hopes it will make me disciplined, honest and enligthened.


    P.S its pretty new. I'll work n the details when I get some time. Right now its all about the blog.
  2. 4XIS4U


    ozzy... your introduction is a bit scary when you say you always had the gambling bug..... I don't see trading the same was as gambling... and added to your option trading sizes.... are you sure you have a 'discipline' problem ?
  3. FredBloggs

    FredBloggs Guest

    15k to 800k.

    cool runnin' dude


    fuk the job eh!!!
  4. ozzy


    It gets ugly and yes I have a big discipline problem. I'm addicted to playing large.

    edit: I should say I used to play large, I no longer do.
  5. ozzy


    I don't see trading as gambling either. It's a job/business. I was only saying I had a gambling bug when I was younger (in my teens).

  6. mhashe


    You're hooked on crack son. Not trading.
  7. Urkel


    Quote - "At work, I didn't care what they made me do or how was treated I was just plain happy to have money coming in. But in the back of my mind, I knew I was meant to do other things. I started trading again in late 2002. Over the next year I made approximately 850K-900K (with an initial $15K start). I was playing options and stocks but I wasn't playing small. I was playing big. At one time I had 250,000 options in one company at another time I had all the outstanding option contracts for the future month in another. I was making a killing! I could not be stopped. I had an 85%+ winning percentage. I was on top of the world."

    Are you serious? I mean c'mon.
  8. Trajan


    Holy shit!!! I could see how that happens though and foresee how everything turns out in part 2.

    You can put on big positions, just not big risks. There is a difference. Use what you learn in your EE background and apply it to options to minize you exposure. That way when your wrong, you'll lose small and when you're right, you'll make almost as much.
  9. ozzy


    What I'm writing is all true. I'm not your average person (meaning I have extreme behavior, I'm not condoning this type of behaviour. It's just the way I was). When I go for something I really go for it. I have an all or nothing kind of personality.

    Also bear in mind, I didn't want to make the background boring. So I made it into a little bit of a story. I think I'll keep part 2 short. You all can imagine what happenes when you try to grow exponentially. Anyways, the point of this journal is to improve my trading, that's all.
  10. ozzy


    Starting next week, I'll use this forum to post my trades/results. Any analysis/strategy talk is welcome.

    I'm demoting myself back to 1 contract. I had a very nasty Friday, I was up quite a bit. I nailed the break down which occured at 1:30. I got greedy and went for a counter trend scalp. Put my stop in, then I removed it. Something I almost never do. Anyways it blew through my stop zone and I froze. This threw my entire game out the door. The rest of the day went poorly.

    I'm extremely unhappy at what happened. My entire weeks profit and then some, which I busted my ass for was gone in a few hours.

    So, I'm starting this Journal. I think It will keep me honest and disciplined and hopefully improve my trading.

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