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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by paulr, Jan 18, 2003.

  1. paulr


    Anyone using the Oz Scanner for trading? Do you find it useful?

  2. yes i use it. works great. wherever Oz is the scanner finds him quickly.
  3. nitro



    nitro :)
  4. Babak


    good God nitro, don't encourage him :(
  5. cheeks


    Ohhhh Faster.
  6. TG


    I find the skyscraper and bottomfisher to be pretty good. I'm down to those two only after watching them all for a bit.
  7. TG, how has your results been using these 2 scans?
  8. TG


    The two scans come up with a few successful trades every week which is what I am looking for. Criteria used, unusual volume, is the most important to me. Doesn't give you a price target which to me is a negative for traders, I like to determine that myself based on what I see in recent movement of the stock. Some of the Oz scans come up with stocks which don't have sufficient volume or volatility which I consider a big negative. Just part of the ongoing battle to get your hands on stocks making turns in either direction. I usually keep a position for a day or two with a stop of course. I am now experimenting with other scans, Pristine this week, and going to try trade-prospector because it looks interesting to me.
  9. TG -

    When you try trade prospector, in addition to all the other stuff it does, you can set up your own filters and use the available market scanners. There are also a variety of pre-defined layouts (including the skyscraper and bottom fisher scans you mention) that you can load and then modify with additional filtering criteria if you want to. There's a lot of functionality, so to get the most out of it, read the release notes and the trading guide before you start using it. Good luck.
  10. TG


    Appreciate the comments.Will save me some fumbling around which usually accompanies anything new I try.
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