Oz Bushfires kill 35-"towns cease to exist"

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  1. I was actually smoking weed with a guy from Kinglake a week ago....dunno if he's alive.

    I'm in Blackwood. So far we are ok.
  2. Hey Alex, long time no typy communique thingamibob.

    Shit, this is worse than greece a year or two ago, what the heck?

    About two weeks ago, there was a great bushfire awareness article in the paper, i guess the reality is people dont spend there time preparing for utter disaster, they do absolutely everything but.

    The "stay or go" principle only works if the go is a long time prior, i dont know.

    This is disastrous.
  3. http://www.news.com.au/heraldsun/story/0,21985,25033579-661,00.html

    173 dead apperently.

    Looks like a lot of victims didnt leave soon enough by a longshot, or were actually well prepared, and the "stay " idea doesnt work for shit when 100-200 metre fireballs travelling at 40+km an hour rip through.

    Come to think of it, in the canberra fires years ago, entire stands of mature pine were flattened by the wind storm-what would it do to a fibro house?
    People in cars, in firesuits, bathtubs.....wont help if theres no oxygen in the air, and the radiant heat could roast you from 100 metres away.
  4. Mr J

    Mr J

    It's just a freak situation where populated areas didn't have any advance warning of a rapidly moving and intense fire.
  5. G'Day Acronym! We've had a Daylesford bushfire that put me off line for a while.....