OXPS Question - streaming quotes

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by rickf, Sep 7, 2007.

  1. rickf


    I've held of complaining about this problem here for several weeks, but I feel after 3 instances of the same problem recently I think it's okay to mention here. I've already contact their customer support to again report this problem, but want to see if anyone else is having issues like this with OXPS.

    Has anyone else had problems with the OXPS Streaming Quotes service during periods of very heavy trading? Does the data stream slow down and the streamer become "sluggish"?

    I had to restart the Streamer 3 times during the first minute of trading at 0930 today because it "ground to a halt" and became so sluggish it was unusable. (I have about 25 positions I track in the default view on the screener) This is the 3rd "major market movement day" in two months where I've lost what would have been nicely-profitable trading opportunities because of the OXPS Streamer acting up on me.

    I am running currently-patched MacOSX and tried the Streamer both in Safari and Camino/Firefox -- the problem remains. I will add that the ONLY time this problem occurs with the OXPS streamer is on days with heavy/active trading.

    I don't want to leave OXPS because I've been rather pleased with their offerings and website, but I hate to say I feeling that I'm left with no other choice if this problem persists.