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  1. Brandonf

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    OXGN has give two really sweet setups today. Ivica got both of them for us in the room. Nice finds for trading ideas people too. Keep up the good work.

  2. JORGE


    Bought some this morning at 9.7 and sold at 10.3, guess you could say I left some money on the table.
  3. schons


    far too dangerous to trade. If you bought some 3 weeks ago, good for you... otherwise don't bother.
  4. I was short some at 9, and covered at 10, thinking that this trade had ruined my day. When I checked back later and saw it was trading at 20, my day was considerably brightened. :)
  5. Reason #10876543 why I hate OTC stocks...after reading the post I brought it up to watch the action, and it traded from 16.45 to 15.60 in about 7 or 8 minutes....what a joke
  6. schons


    so what do you trade?
  7. Mostly NYSE. My ratio is about 95/5 listed/OTC. Use ARCA for SPY.
  8. schons


    what NYSE stocks?
  9. Cant list them all. About 400 on my alerts list. and only NASDAQ100 stocks over 25 bucks.
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