OXGN sympathy plays

Discussion in 'Trading' started by SocalTrader, Jun 9, 2003.

  1. especially PARS
  2. so what is the long term prognosis for these stocks?

    i've never heard of them before, so are they buys here or a sell on the news sort of thing?


  3. taodr


    Bought NPRO and PARS earlier. I'm not so sure of PARS but NPRO looks a winner. Also have TGEN which I hit on the head but unfortunately sold to early Friday but bought in again.
  4. SoCal,

    Very interesting.

    However, I am curious about the time span between 4:21 and 4:37.

    The 4:21 alert states PARS had crossed below the 1.68 support.

    The 4:37 alert states PARS has now crossed below the close of 2.14 - this means it had to come up from the under 1.68 price support it had dropped below as noted by the 4:21 alert and above the 2.14 close prior to dropping below that closing price.

    Why is there no alert stating the big jump from under 1.68 to above 2.14 between 4:21 and 4:37? That's almost a half-point jump, a huge percentage increase for this stock.

    I must be missunderstanding something. Please clarify.

  6. It is because we try to filter for just stuff that is only related to prints. After hours the some of the action gets very noisy.