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  2. Is there a specific reason why you want to access the optionsXpress Australia site?
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    Is there a specific reason why you want to access the optionsXpress Australia site?


    1. Issue resolved after 1.5 hours talk with OX

    Author suspect error in OX server

    2. If access blocked through europha server ,tryed access through australia (as essentialy account the same)

    alsov was blocked .
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    Effect was some specific

    at 8.00 NY was all okay -login work .

    at 9.30 NY time ,with true password login system crashed
    with false correct answered ,that login is invalid

    By contact with Ox account responsible ,password was resetted and sended to e-mail adress multiple time's ,was not received .

    Direct exchange between equal e-mail and OX accout responsible e-mail worked correct.

    In end effect temporary password was sended through
    direct exchange between account responsible by OX and author e-mail ( equal to e-mail adress by account)

    I.e. error was sensetive to author password
    True password started side crash ,false not

    Why ? -some specific error by OX server possible answer.
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    To xxxx@optionsxpress.com


    After entry of new password (equal to old - aaaaaaa) author performed new login ,that worked .
    After that author worked with paper trading some 2 hours and performed logoff

    Tryed to start at 2.44 NY time ,equal effect ,as before
    1.With true password aaaaaaa side answered -

    Fehler: Netzwerk-Zeitüberschreitung

    Der Server unter www.optionsxpress.eu braucht zu lange, um eine Antwort zu senden.

    2.With false password (as example bbbbbbbb ) answer is correct

    Invalid Login - Please check your username and password

    Controlled two time's at 2.45 NY tyme .

    With high chance that can be error in your server
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    Ox provided two

    new adress

    1 equal effect ,as mentioned before for true and false password

    2 work okay

    What of grounds of this effect can be ?

    Tested with different browser firefox ,explorer

    effect is equal