Ows trustafarians planning to bloc access to ny subways to the 99%ers

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  1. Oh, yeah!

    "RECREATE OUR DEMOCRACY" with a stark Stalinist style poster. (Aside from the fact that we have a Republic.)

    "RESIST AUSTERITY" say the people who want everyone else's money. Just like the Greeks, OWS should just blame those damn Germans for all our problems.
  2. Not sure how this will help the cause ...


    I don't care if they have a central message. I don't care what protest actions help their cause or define their case. All I want to see is a link established with the protestors (hope and change)and Obama.

    I want this to be Obama's "cross".

    It's not about Obama's color or whether I agree with his policies or not.

    I don't want to be addressed as "folks" or told to "eat my fucking peas."

    Also, I'm highly pissed he can address Republican members of Congress with the attitude "We won". What the heck are "we" the Republicans in this country, dogmeat?
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    You sound like my father, I agree mostly with your sentiment. Anyway don't get so overconfident, Chris Christie summed up beautifully and imo correctly last night why republicans probably won't beat the pres.
  4. What austerity is there in the US? Anyone earning over $33,000 per annum is in the top 1% worldwide.
  5. I didn't see that but ya know, Obama could scratch when he makes the eight ball. Guys like him beat themself, not always but that's my hope and change.
  6. The tea party was the best thing to happen to Obama. GOP ended up with totally unviable and nutty candidates like Perry, Cain,Bachman and then the more sane down to earth viable GOP candidates get no traction like Huntsman for example.

    Obama 2012 is a lock.
  7. Huntsman can speak mandarin fluently, so he is seen as a security risk by Republicans
  8. Obama doesn't want you to eat peas.

    Peas are a starchy vegetable and are very bad for you according to Obama. Other bad starchy vegetables are potatoes, corn and lima beans.


    So now eating your vegetables isn't enough, you have to eat the Obama approved vegetables.

    Even Stalin and Mao didn't tell people which vegetables to eat.
  9. Maybe they can be "persuaded" to occupy the 3rd rails?
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