OWS Does NOT Want Jobs!

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    Politics How Did Occupy D.C. Protesters Respond to a Table Full of Job Applications?

    Posted on November 2, 2011 at 2:57pm by Christopher Santarelli Christopher Santarelli

    The news media watchdog Accuracy in Media (AIM) released a video Wednesday that may denounce the notions from some that the Occupy protesters are primarily concerned with jobs.

    In it, “head hunters” set up a table full of job applications near the protest and start offering them to protesters. But the reception they get, according to the video, is less than warm. To many, that might seem odd considering the protesters have camped out in our nations capital for over a month following the Occupy Wall Street protest that began on September 17, partly because of no jobs. Accuracy in Media put it this way in a written statement:

    “After more than a month of protest demands for better employment opportunities and benefits, Accuracy in Media saw fit to test their desires with…employment applications. Our ‘headhunters’ were treated to every excuse as to why these jobs aren’t good enough for them. We guess middle management opportunities with healthcare and 401k benefits aren’t desirable anymore.”

    AIM Director of Public Relations & Online Development Logan Churchwell told The Blaze by phone Wednesday that while the “head hunters” in the video were AIM employees, the hundreds of job applications they had on hand were indeed genuine. Churchwell explained that while the “head hunters” in the video were not real (and did not at any point reveal to the protesters that they were employees of AIM), the organization did comb over the Washington Post classified page for real jobs, and printed PDF applications for every opportunity they could find for college grads or entry level positions with opportunity for advancement.

    That is with one caveat: Churchwell admitted that the Solyndra application (the failed energy company) was the only application that was not real, but the group put it in with the other opportunities to see how aware the protesters were of current events.

    Chuchwell said that AIM looked to see how protesters would pursue job opportunities, “If you handed it to them on a platter.” He concluded that it’s hard to take seriously that the protesters they spoke with were demonstrating against a lack of employment opportunities, given that only two protesters requested job applications from AIM “head hunters” that were at the Occupy DC camp for hours this past Friday.

    According to him, the only applications that the protesters took were from Disney and Solyndra.

    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/DhrvOeDxBrw" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
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    Max E.

    Not very surprising in my opinion. If they had jobs, or wanted jobs, they wouldnt be spending their time tenting out in what has turned into a complete shithole, as they would be too busy working, or applying for jobs.
  3. Of course the lazy, selfish, ignorant miscreants don't want jobs. They "think" they're entitled to what others earn. And so does their supporter-in-chief Odumbo.
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    I thought it was funny that they were interested in the Solyndra application. LOL.
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    Max E.

    Yeah, that video basically sums up why those doofuses will never find a job, the first thing they do is throw out a laundry list of the things they wont do.

    The times in my life when i was younger when i was forced to look for work i would have done any thing no matter how bad the job was, just to get a pay cheque, then i would have looked for something better, I remember working for a temp agency when i was broke in university and had no money to eat, and spending the whole day driving 4 foot long spikes, which were supposed to hold up tents, into the ground with a sledge hammer for 9 hours for 5 bucks an hour, it took about 2 days of that before i realized i sure as hell didnt want to end up doing that for a living, and it served as good motivation.
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    Of course, the Flea Party at Obamaville doesn't want to work. They are the beginnings of Obama's army of professional protesters/advocates. In fact, I'm somewhat surprised that Obama hasn't admonished the police for cracking down on his protesters.

    During the 2008 campaign Obama said he wanted a civilian army as large as the military. These protesters are the beginning of that vision. That's why the unions and Move On are supporting them financially.

    I expect as the cold starts to thin their ranks, the democrat supporters at arms length from Obama will find ways to whip them up and keep it going hoping for a big resurgence in the spring. They are already planning a big march for spring time and will probably take over some national monument and surrounding property for a tent city (Super Obamaville).