OWS crowd is now threatening children going to school. Time for Rubber Bullets.

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  1. Max E.

    Max E.

    It is time to break out the Rubber bullets, and Tazers on these sick bastards, they have now resorted to threatening kids as young as 4 years old on their way to school. Enough is enough already, we have allowed these idiots to go to far. :mad:

    OWS Protesters Chant ‘Follow Those Kids!’ As Small Children Try To Go To School On Wall Street

    Tiny Tots, Some As Young As 4, Overwhelmed By Hostility, Crush Of Humanity

    NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — They were caught in the middle of madness.

    Some grade school students were forced to walk a gauntlet of screaming “Occupy Wall Street” protesters just to get to school on Thursday.

    It was a wild day in lower Manhattan for most everyone involved, including elementary school children who had to brave the mayhem just to get to class on the other side of Wall Street.

    In the middle of thousands of protestors yelling and chanting — some kicking and screaming – CBS 2’s Emily Smith found little school kids trying to get to class. Nervous parents led them through the barriers on Wall Street. The NYPD helped funnel the children, anything to ease their fears while some protestors chanted “follow those kids!”

    “These guys are terrorists, yelling at little kids,” one father said.

    “For them it’s horrible. They’re afraid of all the crowds. We’re not even able to get through. They’re just, he’s … very afraid now,” a mother added.

    One protester followed a father and his little daughter all the way down the block. As the school day ended just after 3 p.m. children trickled out of Leman Manhattan Prep on Broad Street. Smith heard a 4-year-old boy telling his mom he was scared. He told Smith it looked like a parade.

    “There was a parade. It was scary — crowded with school,” the boy said.

    “After a while it got so bad some parents couldn’t get their children through and they had to go late,” said Gary Goldenstein of Tribeca.

    Some saw the day’s doings as chaos; others saw it differently.

    “The parents actually along with teachers were at every entry point into this area, which is fantastic,” said Vicki Pitcock of Tribeca.

    School officials said they haven’t had to change school times or cancel class, and are trying to keep it that way.

    How far is too far? Please offer your thoughts in the comments section below.

  2. Lucrum


    I just saw a clip of an OWS protestor holding a small sign saying "Eliminate Males".

    Yes, she was ugly.
  3. pspr


    If we could only point the Occupiers to the Democratic headquarters and next summer the Democratic convention.
  4. JamesL


    I REALLY hope this gets tied around Obama's and the Dem's neck for the next year.
  5. rew


    You don't have to be ugly to be a man hating feminist but it sure helps.
  6. Imagine the 24/7 media coverage if it was the Tea Party.

    The occuturds need a major beatdown.