Owning a Dog Can Add 10 Years to Your Life

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  1. vanzandt


    What a cool dog.:thumbsup::thumbsup::cool:
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  2. sle


    thanks :) Patrice has been almost blind since he was a puppy so he needs a bit of extra care, but he's a chick magnet all right
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  3. Probably a fair reason to get more!
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  4. sle


    You know, my dog is always happy to see me, even if I was petting another dog on my way from work :)
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  5. Looks already hungry! Ha
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  6. Max E.

    Max E.

    Thats not a dog, its a frigging tank, lol j/k i love big dogs, but wouldnt be able to handle cleaning up the mess, and feeding it, it must be as expensive as a young child, lol.

    A friend of mine had a bull mastiff and every time we went to his cabin to do barbeques in the summer he would chuck the dog a full steak or a full burger off the grill, and it was like two bites and swallow the dog was done, he was like a frigging garbage dispenser, the dog was a beast, his paws were bigger than my hand, but he was super gentle, the owner had him trained right, he never got to hyper, and he seemed to realise his size, he was always super gentle with kids, it always makes you nervous when you see a kid whose 50 pounds playing with a dog that size, but this thing was so gentle i once watched a chihuaha play with him and push him around, it was pretty funny.

    The chihuahaua would run up and nip at his ankles then back up and bark, and the mastiff would just kind of turn around and shift his body and look away and be like "Give me a break"

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  7. sle


    Yes, having a big dog in the NYC is definitely for the 1%-ers :) Main difficulty is the real estate, of course - you almost certainly have to own a place to get a bigger dog and that it not cheap.
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  8. He's beautiful. And very big. :D What kind of breed is this?
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  9. sle


    He's not small, that's for sure... he's a Central Asian Shepherd
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  10. A dog like that needs a cat like this! Not mine - just a google image.

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