Owned by Tornado

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  1. A relative in Florida told me this story of the recent Tornadoes which hit central Florida. The story has it that a middle aged man was taking a late night dump while paging through a girlie mag as his wife slept. Startled by the sudden loud weather which was shaking thier trailor home the awackened wife rushed to see where the husband was. As she neared the bathroom the middle part of the roof blew off which sent her to the floor. As she looked up she saw her husband sucked straight up like a vacuum tube at a bank drive through. Apparantly he was trying to wipe up when the twister snatched him up as the wife said a streamer of toilet paper followed him up and out the hole in the roof. A witness a couples of miles away reported what appeared to be a kite with a long tail shooting skyward into the funnel. The man has not been found yet, however an Alligator hunter 40 miles away in a Lake Okeefachobee swamp reported a cedar tree in the middle of the swamp had been toilet papered and that there was a nudie centerfold tangled in the branches.
    A local sheriffs deputy believes there may be a connection and states that even if the gentlemen survived the 40 mile tornado ride the gators probably got him.

    I don't know if this story is BS, but it is sure to become an urban legend.

  2. MSNBC is supposed to be looking into this.
  3. William,
    Please don't ever leave ET. It's been a long time since the wife and I have had such a good laugh.

  4. The Florida DNR just gutted an aligator, they found a hand holding onto a boner. The wife is being brought in to make a positive I.D.

  5. gramps that is some funny ass shit. i hope it's true and ain't just some of your "schtick".

    caddy:D:D :D :D :D

    ps. r u still trading your mighty chrystal ball? well, i am still kicking some major ass with it.... i've only had one semi-bad month out of 8
  6. Seems a little far fetched, to just happen -across the evidence, 40 miles away like that. Is it legal to hunt gators?

    I'll, bet, it was somebody ELSE taking a dump up a cedar tree, reading a nudie mag, in the middle of a swamp.
  7. OK, so where the hell are the hurricanes again. Last year sucked.:mad:
  8. Tornado season is upon us, so I thought I'd fire this thread back up.

    Anybody else here like to chase?
  9. Should be an active week, the ingredients for lots of action are forming out west.

  10. Transmiiting from the Winnebego ready for action. I have never seen this kind of energy in my 30 years of hunting twisters. Currently on an intercept route, target; Taladega Alabama..

    Rennick out :cool:
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