ownage is coming

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  1. are there condoms for USB drives?
  2. I got a Mac, no problems here. 4 years since I switched, no way in hell will I ever go back to a PC now that I am used to the superiority of the Macintosh Pro workstation/OS X platform.
  3. See thats what happens when you let the computer trade for you.

    You wind up with too much free time that get used making yourself look stupid,
  4. f^^k the mac and the fanboyz who rode in with it.

    PC for 100 years here, and would rather be dead than use that garbage can Jobs calls a computer.

    You are posting too soon after your last post. Try again in a few minutes. We use a Mac here on ET, and it can't handle the load
  5. haha, I think this is one of the best valuable idea for the new technique
  6. OS X Because making Unix user friendly was easier than fixing windows.

    Go have fun with your unstable computers,viruses and malware and poor performance.
  7. well, when you pay twice what its worth you have to tell yourself something,