Own A Car? You're Rich

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  1. Coming off the back of their highly successful program of making the rich pay their fair share with $5.00 gasoline, the Obama admin are now looking to soak the rich even further by charging them a per mile tax for every mile you drive.

    The Transportation Opportunities Act- allows all the rich people who drive the opportunity to pay their fair share.

    Pure genius!

    White House Puts Out Feelers on the Transportation Opportunities Act
    Posted by Tabitha Hale (Profile)
    Thursday, May 5th at 12:09PM EDT

    Via The Hill:
    It’s called the Transportation Opportunities Act, which is very ironic because I’m not sure of one opportunity that this would provide for the middle class Obama seems to keen on assisting. If you think for half a second you’ll quickly realize that we pay gas taxes every time we fill up our cars. For example, this chart.


    Yes, Connecticut, you’re already spending over $.70/gallon on taxes. In a 16 gallon tank, that’s $11.20 going to the government every time you fill up. This already serves the purpose of taxing people on how much they drive. No, it’s not as accurate as, say, monitoring the mileage of every vehicle and taxing them based on how much they actually drive. The logistics of implementing a system that tracks the mileage of every car owner to monitor road use are mind boggling, not to mention a direct infringement on the rights of drivers. They seem to know that Americans will not accept this sort of violation, which is why they’re ready to wage the PR campaign:
    The administration is denying that it’s an official proposal, claiming that it isn’t so much a proposal as an early draft, and that it was never approved. What it feels like is a way for them to get people used to the idea and start warming us up to their intent.

    It’s unwise to put anything past this administration in regards to raising taxes. It may seem far fetched, but it’s not necessarily a new tax idea, and has been floated at the state level in several states, including Illinois and North Carolina. They will likely cloak it in green and sell it as the responsibilty of the motorist to pay their “fair share”.

    The question is, does the White House believe that everyone who owns a car is “rich”? It seems a little more than probable that the majority of motor vehicle owners fall well below President Obama’s $250k threshhold.

    At this point, it appears our President is actively working to destroy the middle class he’s been preaching about rescuing.
  2. Watcha you gonna do abt it......... Mark Knopfler (Dire Straits)
  3. Laugh at all the middle and lower class liberals too dumb to see what's happening to them by their own voting.
  4. In a 16 gallon tank, that’s $11.20 [taxes].


    Well we do know $11.20 doesn't buy what it used to. :cool:

    Chatted with this guy filling up several gas cans for his mowers.

    I said it's getting pretty expensive to mow the lawn and he said he was glad he didn't have to commute to work anymore. (retired).

    This idea will probably fly as boomers retire, they won't care.

    Imo, poor idea though, if you wan't to sitmulate the US economy people need inexpensive gas, period, end of subject. No one is going to move back to the shithole cities, they're too old to join a gang.

    I haven't seen a rat or a cockroach in my entire life, so I suppose I'm going to be paying higher taxes.
  5. Hard to laugh when their greed is bringing you down with them... :(
  6. Working from home has its advantages.
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