Owen Wilson Suicide Attempt

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by hcour, Aug 27, 2007.

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  2. The sources aren't entirely credible, id have thought.
    Still, he's on the party circuit, he's a celebrity-saw a bit of a doco peice on him one time, he seemed far to intelligent to be where he's at, so throw in shitloads of drugs & a hollywood lifestyle, a suicide attempt would not be outrageous by any means.
  3. Chris Farley led a similar life style. He was funny, famous, and rich, but behind all of it, he was depressed and died of a drug overdose.
  4. Kate and Owen split in May I believe.
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    Suicide can be a spiritual attack. I went to a new agey booksigning once, on the way to the car I had an overwhelming desire to die, it was just massive, sudden, and overwhelming. Drugs might have pushed me over the edge at that point, say I was addicted to Vicodin or something and my brain was not producing endorphins and I had not taken any... I had no reason to off myself so I just rode it out. I recall driving the car and thinking "I sure hope this wears off pretty soon..". I stay away from that new agey shit since then.. it's a nice face on Satan worship and he don't like me at all...
  6. I've got him in my 2007 Dead Pool.