OVTI Squeeze?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by topdown, Feb 12, 2007.

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    OVTI up 7% today on news. 42% of float was short as of Jan 9. Is there a squeeze here or will it just fall back down? I would have preferred for it to close above the 50 DMA for support. Thoughts anybody?
  2. I've had OVTI on my squeeze radar for awhile. Everytime it looks like it might get a little momo, the shorts relentlessly pound the bids and it drops to fresh 52 week lows.

    I hope it finally gets a little squeeze because it can really move when it wants, and playing size is not a problem.
  3. I had taken a position before the breakout.

    In my view the news piece is or should be significant enought to break through resistance....will see.

    The suspense continues....:cool:
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    Unfortunately, it looks like it's trying to fill the downside gap. I've got an alert set to trigger at 13.35 and will buy at 13.40+. If it can get some momentum, looks like it would be clear sailing to 16.
  5. Maybe I'm just stoned but I've been reading through some threads I put aside that I have been meaning to get too and I come upon this from Feb. A lot of musing about a short squeeze on OVTI. Now since OVTI has recently surfaced in my work (twice) and looks ready to run in my view I must ask these smart original posters how they feel about I guess a short squeeze that happened , the stock is $21.73 and only now am I finding it. I generally stay away from semis. Does any one have the fundamental story? On a chart it looks great! ~ stoney