oversold scan following market "rout"

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  1. what's the easiest method for screening for stocks that have gone down the most over the past week ... the ones that are currently in the most oversold state....? i'm aware of how to implement and use oversold indicators, but i'm trying to find a site that allows you to plug in some parameters (say ... vol, atr, volatility, etc...) and scan for those that have gone down x amount over x amount of time .... looking primarily for specific dollar and/or percentage price drops, rather than indicator readings ...

    i'm sure that there is something out there that i am not aware of. any ideas?


  2. anyone?
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    Barron's weekly print will give them to you.

    Or you can use portfolio123 at www.portfolio123.com. Sign up for free and enter the following:

    (Hi(5) - Low(0)) / Hi(5) >= .5

    This will give you stocks where the difference between the High 5 days ago and the current low is greater or equal to 50%.