oversold rally ?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by topten, Mar 10, 2004.

  1. topten


    Position traders alert!

    Oversold rally will take us higher tomorrow.
  2. pspr


    Looks like today may be base building around support.
  3. Just came out with a 2.47 bid to cover ratio.

    This will take the S&P's down to the 1135.00 level for a pretty substantial test . . . S1 = 1134.80
  4. Mecro


    S&P got some range, wow. Why are the stocks so stagnant?
  5. topten


    for trading...

    however, the last 2 hours of weakness in the Nasdaq has been lackluster.

    -position long until stopped out
  6. BSAM



    (Stagnant)? What are you trying to trade?
  7. Weasel


    Nasdaq 100 rolled over on Mondays action to break a triple bottom on the point and figure charts. Short the Q's baby! I'd like to see the dow pull back to 9950. I'd buy the dips on the listed big caps. A pull back on the dow or s&p could just be some orderly consolidation for another leg up.
  8. xtrader


    lack of volume and conviction on today's weakness

    It is likely that we will close higher...
  9. lindq


    I agree. Stocks that should benefit with a bounce off the bottom: CAT, THO, ETN, DBD, BBY
  10. Mvic


    lexr will be good for a $1 at least.
    #10     Mar 10, 2004