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  1. Oversold List


    Headfake or just an oversold bounce.....I hate to say it, but I feel it's not going to be sustainable....Looks like it's going to be a short term sqeeze on the greedy shorts who forgot to take profits yesterday....A small rally could be on it's way.....I give it three days and it falls apart late Thursday before the PCE defliator(I Think thats what they call it)...

    Here's what I'm watching today....All of these stocks are in the most beat down sectors recently, but had a Relative Timing 2 weeks ago above 1.35 and had a red day yesterday....

    Sectors are Transports, Steel, Petroleum, Paper, Mining, Metal, Financial, Chemical

  2. Here is the List
  3. If you haven't looked at the list and bought your stocks your late for today at least...

    Posted 200+ stocks and 98% are in the green and 65% are up more than 3%....


    What a great short term ride!!!!

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  4. the industrial metal complex of doom.(RTI,TIE,ATI) is going to get a bounce from panicing shorts the next few days....

    edit: hearin this group will be known as IMCD.(industrial metal complex of doom)