Overseas markets getting wacked

Discussion in 'Trading' started by wabrew, Aug 9, 2007.

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    At 10:30 PM ET Japan off 2-3%; Hong Kong off 3-4%; China off 1 %;
    Tiawan off 2-3%; South Korea, Pakistan and Singapore off 2-3%.

    Is this reaction to our bad day -- or... precusor to another bad day in US mkts tomorrow???
  2. I am not a pro but I think some relief rally tomorrow. much unprocess buying volume from the pros today.
  3. Yeah been watching it unfolding in asia-pacific region. Becuase those markets are across the date-line they are trading on Friday. Who in their right mind there wants to hold over the weekend? They may all sell off hard prior to weekend.
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    You can almost cut the negativity out there with a knife - hell even Cramer has turned into a bear!!!

    I think we are closer than not to an intermediate term low - I don't think we will be off to the races again, but I do think some stabilization/sideways action is on the horizon.
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    Maybe in a few days/weeks.

    Real damage done today
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  7. Don't be stupid. The overseas markets are selling in repsonce to the US markets being down so much today. It is expected that the overseas markets would be down a lot.
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    Presently, Tokyo and Sydney are down more than a "mere" response in sympathy with USA. SP reflects that.

    Tomorrow almost certainly will be ugly, very ugly. President has been on TV twice to reassure. Fed has injected the big dough. So what's left. Nada.

    Hell, it's the credit inflation that is the reckoning here. Giving markets more credit at this stage is likely giving a boozer in a terrible stuper a shot of pure grain alcohol. The hangover's the bitch, and this one has not even started yet.
  9. We have just entered the "hangover" phase.

    We will have wild swings, tomorrow will not sell off hard. We could have a gap down then a dead cat bounce.

    We will shave of another 400 or so but it will not be towmorrow.

    Keep an eye on the bond market...it tells all.
  10. What are you ... traders or mice.

    Just enjoy it :)
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