Overseas Markets and early indications

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    Anyone overseas feel free to tell us here in the US anything about how your markets may be looking to open or have opened. THe news programs here are understandably not focusing on the financial markets right now. How are US stocks trading over there as compared to their Monday closing prices in the US etc. God Bless America.
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    Japan (Nikkei 225) -5.04%

    Australia (All Ordinaries) -3.71%

    Singapore (Straits Times) -6.72%

    New Zealand (NZSE 40) -4.56%
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    Obviously, the Bear trend continues.

    I'm looking for a short opportunity when Nasdaq reopens, but I feel sick in my stomach to profit from the short that is indirectly exaggerated by the lost of life today.

    On the other hand, I could donate any profits I make on the day the market reopens to a worthwhile cause. That might be a good way to honor our fellow Americans who lost their lives.

  4. Turok


    >On the other hand, I could donate any
    >profits I make on the day the market
    >reopens to a worthwhile cause

    Man, what a great idea. I'm with you. Let's get this forum going on this idea and pull together a nice contribution when the market reopens.

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    Yesterday all European markets closed 5-8 % lower. (I have no exact figures.)

    At this moment, when most markets have been open for 1-1½ hours here's some figures:

    London (FTSE-100): +2.03%
    Paris (CAC40): +1.22%
    Frankfurt (DAX): +1.69%
    Amsterdam (AEX): +1.62%
    Brussels (BEL-20): +0.13%

    So despite losses on Asian markets, there seems to be a recovery already. Figures are changing very rapidly though. very volatile. General mood still seems positive.
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    with the US markets closed one more day, you'll have another day to make judgements.

    HK ended down 8.5% (was as low as 11.5%). Australia ended down 3.5%.

    Volatility in both markets exploded with front month vols up 40-50% from the previous day.

    No advice to give other than expect the markets to be quite choppy for the near term.

    i'm sorry, given the past days events, i'm at a loss for words to elaborate or pass on any advice.
  7. On markets:
    In a perverse way, the terrorism could actually result in an accentuated decline in the markets to capitulation levels, resulting in a quicker than anticipated recovery. My feeling is that the next couple of weeks will offer some unprecedented long-side opportunities.

    On retaliation:
    The international community must now take clear and decisive action against the arab animals who feel that it is OK to kill and die in the name of their crazy religion. We must not stop until we have eliminated every last iota of these dirty scumbags. I hope that USA, Europe, Israel, Russia and other democratic countries will unite against the enemy of terrorism. Here is my list of countries that I feel would support, condone or fund the terrorism:
    a) Afghanistan (provides shelter to the devil-worshipper Osama Bin Laden)
    b) Iraq (Saddam Hussain)
    c) Iran (Islamic extremism)
    d) Syria (they kill Israelis)
    e) Palestinians (they kill Israelis)
    f) Libya (they did Lockerbie bombing and US marines base bombing)
    g) Pakistan (they kill Indians and support Osama Bin Ladin)
    We must take punitive military action, with no mercy, against the above list of terrorist countries. God Bless America and the Free World.

    List of major WTC companies:
    Morgan Stanley Dean Witter
    Salomon Brothers
    New York Board of Trade
    Bank of America
    Lehman Brothers
    American Express
    Credit Suisse Group
    Deutsche Bank
    Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
    Sinochem American Holdings of China
    Nikko Securities
    Zim-American Israeli Shipping

    The list of dead won't only include Americans. It will include expatriate Europeans, Japanese, Chinese and Africans. This is a global disaster.
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  9. jaan


    while i completely understand your feelings, candletrader, and in no way condone the barbaric attacks, i do think it is very important to remain rational on this issue.

    matters as these are always much more complicated than they appear on the surface, so provoking blind hatred will certainly result in much more harm than good.

    the fact is that a) as of now, no one can say with 100% certainty that there were arabs behind that, and b) arabs have much more tangible reasons to hate US (as prime supporter of Israel) than their "crazy religion".

    i'm not saying that your anger is unjustified, no! but if you think about it, it is likely that the terrorists behind these terrible acts were probably in a very similar state of mind than you are at the moment.

    - jaan
  10. I agree with candletrader. They destroy one of our cities, we should destroy 20+ of theirs. Just like when we blindly bombed civilian targets of no military value in wwII, just b/c they were there and had bombed allied cities first..... Just my 2 and probably unpopular cents.....
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