Overrepresentation of Zionist Interests in US Public Policy

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  1. Despite representing only 2% of the US population, Jews are heavily represented in Media, Finance and Business and Hollywood. The reason for this disparity is irrelevant. The issue is the outsized effect of the motivations of such a small minority on the United States and by extension, the rest of the world.

    It has always been clear that the source of Muslim aggression towards the United States has been the result of the bipartisan economical, political and military support of Israel by the US Government. This policy has set of a chain reaction of events throughout history that has engendered the current geopolitical trends of anti-western terrorism, Christianity/Muslim hostility and an increased military and security buildup across the globe.

    What should have been an isolated issue between fundamentalist Jews and Muslims is now a front and center issue for all Americans regardless of religion. Furthermore, due to the importance of the American economy, many peripheral countries are obliged to support American foreign policy. The exception to this is where a country, such as in the case of Japan, can find a constitutional excuse to distance themselves from any aggressive US actions.

    However, there is a major global trend working against the Zionist influence -- through the US Government -- of global affairs.

    Globalization has given rise to many countries, primarily China, that are indifferent to Zionist methods and goals. As more and more countries find themselves increasingly economically reliant on China/Russia/Commodity-bloc they are beginning align their foreign policies in that direction as well, to the consternation of neocons and Zionists.

    The result is an increased global balance of power and influence that is extremely bipolar. Since neither the continuance of Zionist influence in America nor Globalization is likely to cease in the near future; the chasm between conflict resolutions will continue to deepen.
  2. We would have no problems with the Islamic world if we didn't support Israel as heavily as we do. Our support for Israel is completely illogical. The argument that the reason for our alliance with Israel is the fact that it's a "Democratic" state is ridiculous: There are rough, non democratic regims all over the world that receive our support just because we need them. For example, We supported the dictatorial and oppressive Shah regime in Iran just because he was friendly to Israel, we didn't care about the freedom his people enjoyed.

    According to Zionists, for some unknown reason, we as Americans must go to war against "Fundamentalist" Islam just because the religion is, according to them, "evil". Although I would say that this is untrue, even if it was true, does that mean we should just go all over the world killing people?The Zionists claim that America goes to war against Islam because Americans have always wanted to bring freedom to opressed people. They say that Israel is unrelated and that America and Israel both share the common goal of bringing peace and freedom to the world. Despite the fact that the Palestinians have no army, nor any serious arms, Israel claims that they are fighting a war against "Terrorism". When one points out that the media and the government are heavily influenced by Jews they call you a lieing anti-Semite.

    Yet, every day we see clear examples of inordinate Jewish power in both politics and media that prove my contentions to be 100 percent correct. Fox News recently released a rundown of the largest contributors in American politics. Lo-and-behold, the top three were Jewish Israeli Partisans, and the biggest of them all was Haim Saban, is a radical Zionist, Israeli citizen.

    In 2003 the Washington Post ran an article, “GOP Uses Remarks to Court Jews — Moran’s Comments Cited in New Appeal,” where it discussed the fact that “Republicans seized on the assertion of Rep. James P. Moran (D-Va) that Jews are determining American policy toward Iraq…” as part of their long-term effort to attract more Jewish donors. The article matter-of-factly stated that, “Democratic candidates depend on [2] Jewish supporters to supply as much as 60 percent of the money raised from private sources. Any significant reduction in the financial support will weaken Democratic candidates and the Democratic Party organizations. …” Then the article goes on to discuss the huge amount of Jewish money going to the Republican Party as well.

    I have read from other sources including the Wall Street Journal that reported that the the Republican Party also receives close to the same 60 percent of campaign money from Jews. The Israel YNews article points out that the Jewish extremist media mogul, Haim Saban, contributed the ungodly sum of 13 million dollars, and he gave to both the Democratic and Republican parties. Israel has its bases covered no matter what party wins office.

    Should an American citizen not be concerned that 60 percent of the contributions of the two ruling parties in America are coming from 2.7 percent of the population, a population whose representative organizations are almost 100 percent loyal and supportive of the Israel agenda?

    It is agreed by most parties that the most powerful lobby in Washington is AIPAC (The American Israel Public Affairs Committee), a lobby whose officers have been recently accused by Federal investigators of espionage against the United States.

    Should not Americans be concerned that the most powerful lobby in the United States Congress is a lobby for a foreign nation?

    Is it anti-Semitic to oppose allowing a foreign power to be able to bribe or punish any elected official on issues important to Israel?

    Should we not be concerned that Israel receives almost a third of America’s foreign aid budget for the entire world and that in real terms it totals almost six billion dollars annually?

    It is quite a deal, isn’t it, Forces for Israel spend a couple hundred million dollars influencing American politics and get back six billion dollars like clockwork every year.

    Support for Israel's terrorism has directly led to the terrorism now going on against the United States. Most Americans don't even realize the magnitude and scope of Israeli terrorism because of the Jewish media control. A pertinent example of their incredible media power is their ability to propagate the Big Lie that the WTC attack had nothing at all to do with Israel; that the kamikaze attackers hated and attacked Americans because we are "free."

    Without US aid and political support, the latter causing us to be so hated in the Islamic world, the Israeli settler-colony would sink like a stone