overnight trading discussions

Discussion in 'Trading' started by trader198, Dec 13, 2012.

  1. This suppuses to be a valuable discussion.

    I found I am in a dilemma. Most my trades are overnight. so basically I do not pay much attention to intra-day movements.

    the problem is when I get an idea, I need intra-day chart to execute and get out. so I still need pay attention to intra-day moves.

    most time, I use a target or price range to get in and get out. but I find I do not ride winners as I expected, or in another word cut profit short in big winners.

    what I want to hear most is to ride the trend as hard as I can, what other guys are thinking in the riding overnight positions, ride days
  2. If you want to ride as hard as you can,wait for another bubble to emerge.