Overnight Trade is Back!

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  1. Buy the Globex A/H low and sell at the equity open.

    it's a bull market low!
  2. not everybody got castrated by this bear market, but it's too early to show out your noodle

  3. :confused:

    You do realize there are inflationary bull markets?

    where do you think all those billions minted by the feds are going to be parked?

    Time for another bubble! :D
  4. so who are the buyers, which entities? please detail your answer
  5. Idiots like you, turd, port1385 and forex-forex just sit around soaking up my valuable O2 all the while posting shit like this.

    It's a crying shame.

  6. I stopped caring long ago as to why markets go up or down

    The markets are irrational. Like women.

    It's futile trying to understand them.

    As long as you get to game them right. It's all good.

    Market go up, I buy.

    Markets go down, I sell.

    Right now, and you can mark this post, the markets are headed up.

    It's the official beginning of the OBAMA RALLY!!


  7. unlike them I trade.

    and I happen to have caught a short sell at 875

    a small short sell. I wouldn't want to go all in against the OBAMA RALLY!!

    ha! :D
  8. hrm, you seem to be confused. it'd be a mccain rally, obama crash.

  9. Oppss....

    You must enjoy crow pie.


    Back on topic.

    The overnight trade is back.

    Gimme money thrown your way.

    Buy here. Buy now.

  10. mxjones


    And how do you determine the low?
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