Overnight riot on WK08

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    I don't know who those guys are, but there is quite a huge battle on WK08 tonight. 2 institutions have been buying/selling to each other for 2 hours before the shorter/profit taker dumped real shitloads of WK08 showing 500/1000 lots...

    Impressive for the overnight session...


    Does someone know what it can be? profit taking for the most part?

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    The guy is going down with 245 lots in front of 1to 5 lots... LOL... There are about 20 lots to buy in the whole book... LOL

    Down even more.


    Your account is showing!!!
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    Limit down...

    Is it a good idea to short it before the ask grow in size?
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    Thanks a lot ...

    I had removed the 2 tiny account numbers but didn't see the big one in the middle of the book.
  6. LOL. That is the craziest action I've seen in commodities, the wheat is just going crazy, one day its limit up and the next day its limit down.

    Holy cow, the May 08 is now down 130 points! What a sick market.
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    At the beginning, I was thinking that guy was in "socgen" mode, basically taking every buyer and moving his size lower to liquidate ....

    but maybe he wanted to short everything he can, manipulate the thin overnight session to reach the limit and settle it there for the regular session.

    Now, he is short large and perhaps the session will stay limit down...

    What are you thinking guys?
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    North Open...


    I don't understand this market:confused:
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    So It seems that the joker seller was Mr Dooley, from MF Global...

    To exit his position properly, he submitted a market order soon after the regular session opened... Sometimes you have to be sure you get a fill...:D
  10. What a cool thread!!! You broke the Dooley story! :)
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