Overnight Positions in NinjaTrader

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  1. Hey guys, I have just noticed that, for overnight positions/swing trades if you deactivate Ninjatrader, then restart it, it does not recognize positions in initiated when NT was enabled the last time with the same strategy, is this for real? If so, that is a serious limitation. Does anyone have a workaround?

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    I had this problem about 2 years ago and Ninja never fixed it, even blamed TWS. Surprised to hear it is still a problem....if they fixed it, I would look at Ninja again.
  3. That's what I thought also, but it's not working like you would think. If i'm not mistaken it only modifies orders not actual positions.
  4. I assume your running your strategy in "Strategies tab" as well as in a chart. If so...Remove the strategy from both, then re-select strategy in chart, this will automatically re-submit strategy to "Strategies" tab,then enable, this will normally fix.
  5. No, thats not it, when I restart NT, Im not running any strategy.
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    Here was my problem: I swing trade, so say I had a position on with a stop and target in. When I reconnected IB to Ninja, it would not pick back up the stop and target with the strategy. The stop and target would be working on TWS, but Ninja had no control (move stop to BE, etc). Ninja never fixed it for me.
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    Hi stok,

    I would like my team to investigate and understand this further. If you have a ticket #, can you please post that if not, please send an email to support and include a link to this elitetrader thread.

  8. Hi Ray, I have already reported it, but for me personally this makes NT really hard to use for strategies that work great in backtest. The only way around it I see is to have NT up and running 24 hours a day 7 days a week and that can be tough since you sometimes have to deactivate it.
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    Do you have a ticket # by chance? NinjaTrader is designed to pick up existing orders that the strategy had submitted.
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