Overnight Hi's and Lo's

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  1. Does anyone have a link to sites that give overnight Hi's and Lo's for Futures like CL and the Russell and ES?
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    Lazy man...
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    Doesn't every data vendor have this information or you looking for historical data instead ?
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    Brother Ian...
    Try barchart.com.
    Click on "Futures" near the top of the page.
  5. I've got live 24 Hr charts and have been doing this "manually".
    I'm probably not being clear, and I'm ignorant of the nomenclature. The one minute bar after the bell rings in the PM is the start of the Overnight, (commonly called the Globex for the ES) and the one minute bar in the AM right before the bell rings is the close of the Overnight. I was just hoping someone had gone to the bother of automatically capturing the High and Low of the Overnight sessions.
    Is the "LIVE" daily Session called the CASH , PIT, or SPOT Session?
    I thank you all for trying to help me.

    CL starts at 9am NY time, and closes at 2:30pm NY time, right?
    TF (Russell) starts at 9:30am NY time, and closes at 4:15pm NY time, yes?

    Hey Slainte, you know back in the day when some guy said "I'd really like a continually updated graphical representation of the daily price action in a 5 minute bar chart format", that some old Point and Figure chartist called him a "Lazy man". LOL
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