overnight grain spreads

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  1. how best to get a small order done 5 lots say in the front spread eg mar/may, leg in ?
  2. also is globex first in first served regardless of size or is it like the old project a which was some kind of algo sized order que
  3. be careful ... they are a bunch of monkeys out there with no clue

    trading those spreads ....

    if they had a CLUE ... those spreads would not go kookoo

    from time to time and be "arb"d like other "sane" markets


  4. your better off legging a spread like h/k because you have virtually no chance of buying bids or selling offers when its usually 20k up at night and 100k up during the day
  5. JPope


    Are "humorous" posts still humorous even when they're not tactfully comingled among any substantive posts?
  6. smalls


    60/40 pro/fifo in outrights and cals....

    i would not leg may's overnight, thats just asking for trouble.
  7. TraDaToR


    Why 60/40? I thought it was 50/50 after TOP order and LMMs
  8. smalls


    call up gcc, i have a sheet from them that says 60/40. its from oct of 2009 i believe.
  9. all grain spreads are back in line gents

    on a short term basis

    after the USDA shocker of a report

    good luck cowpokes

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