Overnight Flash Crash...

Discussion in 'Trading' started by sculptor66, Dec 20, 2012.

  1. :D
  2. Overnight flash crash is definately something new!
  3. JackR


    Not a flash, but a response to a news event. In the current episode of the the "Cliff Hanger" series the House could not get enough votes for Plan B. So they are recessing and will be returning after Christmas.

    I was sitting at my machine starting on my taxes when the other screen had a huge spike down. The little extra I just made will help with the tax bill.

  4. ktm


    S&P March printed below 1400. I haven't looked at the T&S, but it was waaaay down for a few seconds.
  5. gimp570


    i think it was just a flash crash...down futures only down 170 right now...

    still not good but ...what can you do
  6. Prolly unch by 3am..don't worry Santa will save the mkt:D
  7. Wow. Been a while since i've seen 40+ handles overnight
  8. lwlee


    Bad day tmrw. Fiscal cliff worries are gonna hurt the markets. No vote until after xmas. Lots of worried people are gonna go flat to protect gains. Cutting it close if they don't do anything until after 12/25.

  9. this is a non event. imho

    ....unless your long/short ES tonight lol
  10. lwlee


    Non-event? It looks like the recent run-up we've been having is based somewhat on early fiscal cliff resolution. Now that the rug has been pulled, traders are gonna protect their gains, especially year end.

    Do we retest the nightly lows? Be interesting to see tomorrow when real volume comes in.

    Russell has been particularly strong lately, I'm hoping for a big dump. :D

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