Overnight Advances

Discussion in 'Trading' started by steve smith, Aug 7, 2002.

  1. How can I determine beforehand if a stock will advance overnight?:)
  2. Thanks. Love the start the morning off with a good laugh.
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    Miss Cleo may do the trick!
  4. If you are superstitious, you could try going heavily short on the stock just before the close. That should make it go up overnite, right?:D

  5. this is also related to my question of how do you know if a gap will be closed the next morning.

    for that matter, how do you know when the stocks will go up, and when they will go down.
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    Hey Traden4Alpha, check your private messages.
  7. There is nothing like the oft talked about magic coin for situations such as this! Heads it goes up, tails it will go down. The way I look at it, what is a little more randomness in an already non-linear world.
  8. Hey Publias, lay off the Florida babes!!! She is becoming another tourist attraction like Disney. :D :D
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    Hmmm ... Well it sounds like you are just starting out. Try studying some technical analysis texts like edwards and magee.
    Analysis however does not help if something unexpected happens overnight.
  10. I ordered her Tarot cards from her website and it has completely turned around my trading; I even was able to drop the L2 quotes. I now read her cards pre 9:30, place my trades, go to the beach and return to collect my profits unless the cards tell me the stock will go up overnight---then it's a free ride and I can go out and party that eve. Has anyone seen her booty by the way?:cool:
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