Overleveraged into GOOG/BIDU/RIMM/AAPL/MELI

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  1. After losing a good sum of money on FMD, I decided to use leverage and go into GOOG/BIDU/RIMM/AAPL on Friday.

    Blackberries are everywhere and the new standard. Apple computers and devices are everywhere too. In fact, I see DJs at clubs using the Apple as their mix machine. Goog, Bidu and Meli are the standards of search.

    How can any of these stocks go wrong? In one year, they will probably double and triple and keep going from here. I am confident that these stocks will be the new standard going forward.
  2. You're a little late to the party. These stocks have just had huge gains in the past week. Most likely you will suffer a huge drawdown before the next leg up begins.
  3. I am confident that all of these stocks will at least double from this point.
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    Your line of reasoning has lost a lot of people a lot of money. The mkt is a discounting mechanism and while it is obviously less than perfect, it is taking into account the obvious factors you've stated.

    One possible contrary opinion on your AAPL commentary. Because you see AAPL products everywhere could be an indication of mkt saturation. Just 5 years ago, AAPL traded at 6.4. Earlier this year, it broke 200. How many new paradigm-breaking ideas does Steve Jobs have up his sleeve? Investors won't keep paying these prices for new Ipod & Iphone versions.... Then there's the status of our economy....

    You may do well but otoh ....

  5. Do you have a clear understanding about how you could be right and still lose a large amount of money?

    I'm guessing you don't.
  6. You say you are "over-leveraged". That tells me you don't think these trades will work.
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    The fact that their products are everywhere tells me there is less room for these companies to grow. Morover any istitution which wanted the stock probably owns the stock already.

    Look at what happened to Starbucks.
  8. Why do I feel deja vu? I highly suspect that this is another alias for a poster here who already pumps these stocks on a daily basis.
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    You're going to be super rich!
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    sure, APPL gonna reach 200, but your money should work be used as as effective as possible all the time

    why don't you buy on pullbacks/retracements as all normal ppl do?

    or you think all these stock gonna move in the straight line and stable angle all the time?

    fundamentals are helpful to pick up the good stock, but why don't you use TA a little, Fib levels, check volume dynamics, and be a cat and not a mouse.

    before jumping in at least look at the monthly & weekly chart, and then seek the entry point on daily and 15min charts.

    what i call the mouse is the last fool in the line buying on the very top of each wave

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