Overleveraged Forex traders now join the ranks

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  1. of cab drivers. Yen killed thousands
  2. DrEvil


    Flash Crash 2.0 ...
  3. not a fc, just a jump condition. and futures weren't trading so triple the reamage.
  4. 30 minutes of hell in usd/jpy. What happened? Stopped hit?
  5. Kanzei


    BoJ intervention?

    How many pips did it go before retracing?
  6. Will be more interesting if they join ET.
  8. No, the Yen was rolling over before the crash, some people actually made money, and a lot of it.
  9. If you can read a price chart, not even the BoJ can hide their intentions.
  10. Yes, but how many of the noobs have taken the time to learn how to read a chart proper? ( and how long does it take to learn if no genuine mentor is available?) Sometimes all they can think about is a carry trade after reading a book (or two) about trading and have never studied risk management.
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