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    Half joke, the other half is for the men who can take it. Working a second job to make your ends meet? Week feebly lowlife!

    $500k per year starts at 3 jobs.
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    You constantly seem to bitch about the IT industry. Are you unhappy with your situation or what is up with all those stabs at IT? Or perhaps you did not make it to tier 1? I just try to understand what is going on. Most of your threads are quite obscure in terms of your intention to share specific content.

    Income is supply and demand driven, as simple as that. You can improve your value and demand a higher salary with experience, skills, and time, and a small dose of luck. That's all there is to it. In every single industry. What else needs to be said? Perhaps try to find some satisfaction and happiness in your own life rather than being jealous what others have or make.

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    What does all this got to do with trading?
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    Nothing, that's why it was posted in app development and not trading ;-)

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    Well, I don't wanna come across as an a-hole, but the last time I checked it says it's a playground for building trading apps (not job prospects).

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    I agree, thanks for the gentle reminder. Just could not help myself to reply to that post.

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    The point is that a lot of programming jobs only take a few hours a day when you are working from home so take two or three.
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    In order for that to work, you either need a very lazy manager who only wants to inflate the headcount of people under him as much as possible to make it look like he's doing a lot of work, or you need a manager who has no idea how long it takes you to do your job. You might be able to juggle the work, but not sure how one would juggle the meetings. Btw, this was going on long before wfh became popular:

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