Overdose: The Next Financial Crisis

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    oh boy, Gerald Celente... late night radio celebrity and self proclaimed "great trend analyst" on youtube no less.. that is some credible stuff...

    Let's face it, it's true that we would be doing a lot better in this crisis without any intervention at all. We would not have had the crisis if we left regulation in place too... but nobody gets that!! So why worry about it? We're traders, all we need is some volatility and a laptop and we are off and running... WIN stands for Work Is Nonprofit and that is, and ever will be my guiding principle!!
  2. So well written.
  3. 1) I stopped watching after 40 seconds.
    2) Is the gist of the video that Brazil is "good" and the USA is "bad"? :confused: :mad: :D
  4. most likely yes, but i can't be 100% sure since i did not watch the video :)
  5. Short-sell some EWZ. :cool:
  6. Great responses. Shows how ET members can be thick as the dumb suckers on Main Street.
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    People are too stupid to realize what's happening right under their noses. The Fed is printing money and giving it to the banks under the guise of stimulating the economy and generating jobs. The money isn't making its way into the economy. It's staying right on the bank's balance sheet earning interest from the government and the government pays interest by taxing the taxpayer. One of these days the government will no longer be able to tax the taxpayer enough to service the debt and at that time do you think the banks will just say, "Oh well, no bother, we'll just erase the debt." Every working person around the world is going to be a slave to the banks.

  8. ....in London, England :)
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    and somebody is going to stop that from happening, right? RIGHT??? No, they are not going to stop it from happening, it's been going in that direction for what, a hundred years?? Obama is going to stop it? Hell no, he put Wall Street in as his cabinet.. Republicans are going to stop it? Uh no, they are more to the left than Democrats...

    I still think Gerald Celente is a putz though...
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