Overcoming bandwidth, symbol limit, DDE etc limits

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    Overcoming bandwidth, symbol limit, DDE etc limits

    If I was an institution there would not be these issues as I could get a feed designed to distribute data across a floor and afford the mega leased line/transponder. However as retail I am limited by cost etc

    What I want to do is stream (RT or delayed OK) around 10-25,000 (low message number) symbols into TS2000i and in an ideal world excel. I guess a twin Xeon, 64 Bit 8GB+ + RAM PC would handle this and the bottlenecks are elsewhere.....................

    Satellite seems to be the way to go as S&P Comstock seemingly offers an "all activated" package, as I believe does Tenfore and they can both be fed into TS2000i ( is there a practical symbol limit with TS2000i?)

    As brought to my attention by a fellow ET'er there are download restrictions in terms of data (vs actual number of symbols?) placed either by the satellite transponder renter or data vendor that would be hit with the number of symbols I am talking about.

    Excel DDE tops out at 2500 fields if you are lucky - I need three levels of Bid/Ask, last size + Last Price. Does anyone know what the limits are with the successor to DDE whose initials I can never remember (RTS?)

    BOTTOM LINE. I would be interested in the SW/HW setups experience and workarounds of anybody who has blazed the trail of streaming thousands of symbols using retail HW/SW - although any insights on how institutions do it is also welcome.
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    It's called RTD. ;)

    On another note, I've been looking into the NXCore data feed as of late. (http://www.nanex.net/NxCore/NxCore.htm)

    There are no symbol limits and it's pretty efficient from a bandwidth point of view.

    - mnx